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The rapid group of the Malaysian healthcare system and the booming pharmaceutical industry resulted in great demand for pharmacists. Enquire now by filling in the form below.

Why Choose SEGi ?


The focus of Pharmacy programme is to deliver an educational strategy that aims to produce graduates who will be able to integrate their knowledge and skills to the highest level, which will help to underpin the future roles as pharmacists.

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The programme is integrated with a significant amount of work-based and clinical skill trainings through progressive development of skills and competencies under controlled simulated environment and exposure to hospital, community and industrial pharmacy practice through visits and placements. It also retains the more traditional areas aroun formulation sciences and medicinal chemistry.

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Well-Rounded Academicians

SEGi University takes pride in having a strong team of academicians who are not only highly qualified, but also experienced in academia and various disciplines of pharmacy practice (community, pharmacy and industry).

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Hence, students are ensured of a well-rounded education, complete with hands-on learning experience that extends beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

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SEGI's Pharmacy Programme

SEGI's Pharmacy programme aims to integrate scientific clinical and professional knowledge with soft skills, providing graduates with the expertise to contribute effectively as a pharmacist within the future health care system.

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Students learn the various disciplines in pharmacy in an integrated approach through a variety of teaching methods.

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Student-Centred Learning Approach

There is a strong emphasis on student-centred learning via problem based learning, e-learning, interprofessional learning and research. This approach fosters the development of skills for problem solving, critical thinking

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and communication, while shaping students to become life-long learners.

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Biology Labs

These laboratories are equipped with various equipment used for the teaching of pharmacology, biochemistry, microbiology and molecular biology.

Mock Pharmacy

This specially designed mock pharmacy is built to meet the specifications of a community pharmacy, which allows students to practice under supervised and simulated environment.

Pharmaceutic Labs

These pharmaceutic laboratories enable students to formulate pure drug substances into various dosage forms, and to perform analysis to ensure required specifications of the dosage forms are met. The laboratories are equipped with modern equipment including:

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  • 8-station rotary tablet press
  • High intensity mixers and blenders
  • Quality control equipments such as friability testers, hardness testers, dissolution testers and disintegration testers
  • UV-Visible spectrophotometers

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Pharmaceutical Chemistry Labs

These laboratories are furnished with equipments used for routine chemical and biological sample analysis. The laboratories are equipped with High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy machines.

Aseptic Room

This laboratory is used for the teaching of skills related to specialised preparation and dispensing of injectables and other sterile medications. The aseptic suite mimics the settings in hospitals.

Student Testimonials

SEGi University Faculty of Pharmacy has been my family since day one, and the people I have met taught me valuable career lessons and furthered my belief in the value that the pharmacy profession provides to our healthcare system.

Bernard Tang Wen Chang

I have known SEGi University since my secondary school days. The Faculty of Pharmacy is good, because I can learn through experiential learning and placements in various areas of pharmacy practice through the arrangement made by the faculty.

Teo Chung Yee

The lecturers are outstanding and demonstrate a wide array of experience as practicing pharmacists. I learnt why and how we use medicine to treat specific conditions and this knowledge has really broadened my understanding about the importance of pharmacy in the health care industry.

Aaron Teh Eng Kit

I chose SEGi University for my higher studies because I heard that the pharmacy programme offered in SEGi University is very good due to the expert team of lecturers in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Lim Yi Fan

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