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The Built Environment covers a variety of disciplines such as architecture, construction, management, quantity surveying, environmental design and planning. Join us to bring out the best in you. Enquire now by filling the form below.

Why Choose SEGi ?

Accredited Programmes

Programmes accredited with MOHE, MQA and related professional board e.g.: BEM / EAC, BQSM, LAM


High employability upon graduation

Industrial Partnership

Wide range of collaboration with industrial partnership e.g: ADVANCECON, CIDB, DAIKIN, BAUER, TOP GLOVE, BAHRU STAINLESS

Experience Lecturer

Learning and teaching deliver by experience lecturer from both academic and industry background
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The Future Engineering Leaders

We aim to develop future engineers who are well-versed in technical knowledge and possess full understanding of their role in the society’s progress.

Comprehensive Lab Practise

There are multi-disciplinary laboratories for students to conduct various experiments for industrial applications.

Chemical Engineering Laboratories

The laboratories are fully geared with instruments for classroom experiment exercises.


Faculty of Engineering & the Build Environment

Faculty of Architecture

Our Industry Partners

Student Testimonials


When I reflected on my 4 years in SEGi University, i conclude that the experience not only well-prepared me for my future career, more

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important is, it made me a better person. Through classess with incredibily supportive classmates and lecturers who were always help us generously, I'm growing stronger everyday. It was a wonderful time in my life and the best educational experience I've had.

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Lee Pei Shan

I cannot express in nearly enough words how powerfully profound the decision to attend the Civil Engineering program at Segi

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which has helped shaped my professional career. The program is about preparing students for the real world. It is about solving real world problems, which don’t come with an instruction booklet or a formula sheet. The classes conducted are a step change from the typical environment of an undergrad engineering program; not only have I pushed my own limits with assignments and more importantly it installs a mind-set of critical thinking, continuous improvement and professionalism. This is exactly what Segi enables you to do which has paved the way for me to be recipient of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia Gold Medal Award back in 2013. The award was the first stepping stone which has opened doors of opportunities and has led me to where I am right now. Not only that the subjects were delivered with updated skills and methodologies, the program has also simultaneously fostered a lot of the soft skills that has tremendously helped me during the initial career years as a site engineer in the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit project at MMC – Gamuda Kvmrt (T) Sdn Bhd. I was able to take charge and lead project team in major tunneling works confidently thanks to the pragmatic and purpose driven program which focuses on character development. In particular, the inter-personal skills, time and self-management and motivational skills that are inherent in this program, are pivotal in helping me to get a good start in a large multi-national company. Currently employed as a Senior Engineer at Gamuda Engineering Sdn Bhd, my field of work has shifted from technical to more management orientated tasks. The opportunity to work on very large scale tunneling projects would not have been possible without the engineering background and the complimentary skills provided by Segi. I believe that my academic and professional success began with the support of the engineering faculty at Segi. I would highly recommend the Degree of Civil Engineering at Segi to all budding engineers.

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Tay Chee Yong

Join us to bring out the best in you.